so i move out in two hours and i accidentally fell asleep while packing and just woke up to my room still being a complete mess. i’ve never felt so overwhelmed and confused and sad at the same time i just wanna cry what;s going on

update: just threw up water
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so last night was my last drunken night with one of my best shit show friends and it was so weird like we both didn’t want to talk about the fact that we were leaving for college but at the same time it was all anyone could talk about sometimes during the night… and i remember being fucked in her room again like all those other nights we had sleepovers and it felt so weird thinking about how different this all felt as little as a month ago… how did everything change so much? being in that room again without all the high school vibes was so weird. everything yelled college and it just made me feel really weird. i just can’t shake the feeling. one second you’re drunk and high in your best friend’s room talking about everything high school, from boys to parties to hookups to drugs and then next thing you know you’re drunk and high in your best friend’s room reminiscing on things that were the center of your universe just a month ago yet it feels so far. it just feels weird to feel so far away from everything. 

life is so weird…….. 

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" I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore. "
by Marguerite Duras, from Hiroshima, Mon Amour - via violentwavesofemotion (via perfect)

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